Mouth Cancer Awareness

November is not only the month when we celebrate Thanksgiving and spend time with loved ones, but it is also the month when we recognize Mouth Cancer Awareness. This month is dedicated to the knowledge and awareness of oral and mouth cancers. Any type of cancer cells found on the lips, tongue, cheek, and gums is considered mouth cancer. We stress the importance of routine oral care, not only to look for decay, but also because we inspect your mouth for signs of cancer during your appointment.

Alternatives To Try Instead Of Consuming Candy This Halloween

Time always feels like it’s flying by! It’s hard to believe it’s October already, and Halloween will be here before we know it! Did you know that Americans purchase over $2 billion worth of candy during the Halloween season? While we know most of our patients love a sweet treat from time to time, a large increase in sugar from candy can be detrimental to your family’s oral health this Halloween. Thankfully, there are so many other options available instead of consuming your Halloween candy. We wanted to share some of our favorite alternatives.

Dealing With A Dental Emergency

At Rivercrest Family Dental, we are here to help you and your family with all of your dental care needs, even when dealing with a dental emergency. Unfortunately, we know an emergency can happen at any time so it is important to be prepared with what steps to take if you find yourself or a loved one dealing with a dental emergency. It is also important to know what steps can be taken to help prevent a dental emergency from occurring.