Mouth Cancer Awareness

November is not only the month when we celebrate Thanksgiving and spend time with loved ones, but it is also the month when we recognize Mouth Cancer Awareness. This month is dedicated to the knowledge and awareness of oral and mouth cancers. Any type of cancer cells found on the lips, tongue, cheek, and gums is considered mouth cancer. We stress the importance of routine oral care, not only to look for decay, but also because we inspect your mouth for signs of cancer during your appointment.

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We know that dealing with issues with your oral health can be emotional and overwhelming. It can lead to years of avoiding routine oral care and receiving needed treatment to improve your smile. For some patients, the hardest part of the journey to restoring their oral health is picking up the phone and scheduling the first appointment. However, once they do and they see their smile for the first time, the joy they feel makes it all worthwhile. We want to share a patient video that shows one of our recent patients and his feelings when he saw his smile for the first time. Click here to watch the video and learn more.